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Truly emergent medical treatment should never be withheld in order to complete precertification (which is only one component of the health plan's coverage determination). Anytime that the health of the patient would be placed in serious jeopary, serious impairment of bodily functions, or a serious dysfunction of a body organ or part could result from a delay in care, then care would be considered truly emergent. The medical professionals rendering care to patients are solely responsible for ensuring that care is delivered in accordance with patient needs and should never make treatment decisions, especially in truly emergent situations, based on payment related (such as precertification) issues. Please be aware that precertification is not a guarantee of benefits, eligibilty, payment, nor is it a medical treatment decision or advice.

Here at AIMM, we are committed to the ideals of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We’ve taken steps to preserve the privacy and security of individually identifiable patient information transmitted via the PreCert platform.

Here are some security and privacy safeguards that we have implemented to ensure that our PreCert program is HIPAA compliant:

  • Firewall – AIMM’s firewall prevents unauthorized parties and traffic from accessing the platform.
  • Encryption – The strongest encryption technology available protects data during transmission.
  • Session timeout – The automatic log-out function protects inadvertent access if a workstation is left unattended.
  • Physical security – The NaviNet data center is protected by continuous key-card entry, video surveillance, security breach alarms and 24/7 on-premises Security Officers.
Questions? Contact us at (866) 845-8854.
Completion of the PreCert process is solely for the purposes of initiating a precertification request. Completion of the form does not mean that precertification has been completed. All users are required to read our Terms of Use and acknowledge the initiation of the precertification request.

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